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Welcome to AD-EXCELLENCE advertising & marketing,
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Electronic/Digital Media is growing and a very important part of your marketing. Electronic advertising includes Website Design, Google Adwords (PPC)Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email marketing, Social Media set up, posting and advertising, mobile, apps and Blogging.
Traditional Media is still a viable source to get results. Some of the places we will place your advertising are, TV, Radio, Electronic,    Outdoor, Print (Newspaper and Magazine) Movie Theater and Direct Mail. 
Branding: What you are perceived as and “believed to be” is a power behind every purchase by your customers. Your brand is not just your logo. Your brand is your reputation. It must be presented trustingly from the very beginning. A brand is a belief and idea of who you are.
Public Relations: We continually help our clients to broaden brand awareness and connect with new audiences. In today’s competitive business environment it is important to have the expertise, experience and insight to maintain and strengthen their market share.

AD-EXCELLENCE advertising and marketing
is a full service advertising agency in Colorado Springs, CO.

What that means to you, is that we offer the convenience of a one-stop shop for all of your advertising, marketing, public relations, digital marketing and website design needs. Our Services are listed below.

Advertising   |   Analytics  |  Brand Strategy  |  Brand Positioning   |  Demographic Insight | Digital Marketing  |  Electronic Marketing Event Marketing   |  Graphic Design  |  Logo Design & Identity  |  Media Buying  |  Media Planning  |  Naming and Trademarking | Packaging  |  Promotions  |  Promotional Products  |  Photography and Illustration  |  Research  |  Web Design  |  Social Media

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